In addition to HONcode certification, HON develops various tools to meet the needs of Internet users. Here are some of them.

HONcode Toolbar

HONcode logo
Search and navigate the medical web with complete confidence thanks to the thousands of HONcode websites certified.
The number and varied quality of health webpages can be daunting for users searching for health information on the Internet. But thanks to the HONcode Toolbar, it is easy to differentiate good quality sites from those that are not.

The HONcode Toolbar extension allows you to:
  • Easily identify HONcode certified websites while browsing
  • Easily identify those sites that are HONcode certified in the search results of major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.)
  • Search only among sites that are HONcode certified, so that you know the results lead to sites that are trustworthy.

How to install and use the HONcode Toolbar

Khresmoi for Everyone

Khresmoi logo
Through Khresmoi for Everyone (K4E), a HON-related project funded by the European Union, HON has targeted the general public by developing a search engine that identifies high-quality health information online. It enables the public and healthcare professionals in the European Union to find the most recent and relevant medical information through a state-of-the-art search function.

Within K4E, HON provides access to a database of trustworthy health information consisting of over 8,000 certified and manually selected Web portals in 35 languages.


Kconnect SE
Finding the right medical information is often difficult and time consuming. KConnect provides the building blocks for tailored medical information services for either cloud or local installation.

KConnect provides healthcare professionals, researchers in the bio-medical industry, and the public with the very latest and most relevant medical information through medical text analysis, semantic annotation and semantic search services.

KConnect is a multilingual platform and an initiative of the European Union.

Health Trust Indicator

Health Trust Indicator

Easy to read, easy to trust, find your health info.

Health Trust Indicator is a free browser extension that quickly guides you towards health websites you can trust. Because the quality of health content is important and because search engines rank results by popularity, not by trustworthiness, the extension includes three major functions in one tool:

  • it is a health search engine;
  • it indicates trustworthiness,
  • and it indicates how easy the content is to understand.
Health Trust Indicator provides a handy way to sort out which health content is right for you!

3D Anatomy Quiz

3D anatomy quiz preview
Have you ever been unable to describe where in your body you are having a particular problem? Or are you a biology, nursing medicine or massage therapy student and need to deepen your knowledge of the human body?

3D Anatomy Quiz contains a range of free online quizzes to help anyone learn the anatomy and physiology of the human body. This quiz will test what you know and help you fill gaps in your knowledge.


provisu illustration provides a wide range of information about eye diseases free of charge to its users, allowing patients and their families to access to reliable information.

With versions in English, French, German and Spanish, offers information on more than 300 eye diseases. also offers different manners to read information on the Web through a range of choices for people who have visual difficulties with reading.
In addition, the site offers voice reading of the content through ReadSpeaker.

Finally, the Provisu glasses tool adapts the look chosen on the pages of another site for greater accessibility.


HON Select logo

HONselect, a Health On the Net Foundation tool, combines five information types - MeSH®, scientific articles, medical news, Websites and multimedia - into a single tool to better focus and accelerate searches for medical information.
Thus it allows you to quickly and effectively find large amounts of medical information. The tool is used by health students.